Back to work with a bump! – Week 7

Well I still haven’t got used to this Thursday/Friday weekend thing here! Although speaking to some people this week (who have been here 15 years) they haven’t got used to it either! I am still calling Thursday, Saturday and Friday, Sunday! Even this morning I was telling M he had PE so needed to put his kit on. G said he thought it was Monday and Wednesday? ‘It is!’ was my reply. A then waded in ‘Mum, it’s Saturday today and I have PE!’

Oh I give up; I knew someone had PE today!

Life is getting far too hectic out here for my liking. My envisaged lying by the pool reading a book, while everyone is either at school or work, has not materialised!!!

Most of this week has been taken up with either Reflexology appointments or me having to redo my website, leaflets consultation forms etc, now that I have decided to start to do a few treatments out here – hopefully this will stop me from going too stir crazy. I have had several calls for treatments and spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday working. Tuesday I had a meeting at the school and Wednesday I decided to go shopping, but more on those later…

On the whole a busy week, this included G away in Bahrain for some of it. Alright for some, staying in swanky hotels, getting to eat nice food (including pork!), and drinking a nice cold glass of beer or two on an evening! While I had to settle for leftovers and peppermint tea!

So, not fair!!!!

A was also invited to try out for a swimming team out here – Khobar Lasers – they train 3 times a week at another compound, roughly 15 minutes away. They have asked her to join – amid lots of politics, due to the fact there is a waiting list to join, but as she has been part of a club before and her times are pretty good, they have sneaked her in! So this means that she will be training from 4-5 every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Which means a quick turnaround is needed as the school bus gets back at about 3.15/3.20 and the taxi picks us up at 3.30 to take us to the compound where they train, so we have 10/15 minutes to get changed and have a snack. I have managed to negotiate a reduced Taxi rate (SR 20, about £3.00 per trip) for taking us there 3 times a week, luckily (or possibly not if they say no!) a bus from the compound takes some other swimmer to a later session, so we are getting the driver to wait for us and bring us back, but we are still in negotiations at to whether they will do this permanently or not!

So as you can imagine, I am so looking forward to M starting swimming lessons after half-term too (not that you can call it half term, they only get 2 days off!!!! I still haven’t decided if it is a good thing or a bad thing yet!) He will be swimming Sundays and Tuesdays, at least I only have to take him to the pool here, but swimming every day of the week, really! Now I know what my parents felt like!

Tuesday hailed the PVG (Parents Voluntary Group) meeting, a bit like PTA, but without the teachers. Unfortunately, I have not joined at the best time of year, I must admit. They are trying to put together the Spring Fair which is the biggest fundraising event of the year, which most of it involves contacting businesses for donations and raffle prizes, seen as I don’t know anyone or who half these businesses are, I am not really a lot of help, I just keep making suggestions for different things and hope they think I’m contributing! Even though the event is just over a month away they all seem pretty calm that it will go to plan, the one hiccup is the raffle as not as many businesses have pledged prizes. We have been offered some good prizes (fights to Dubai, Hotel stay in Bahrain, meals in hotels, adult bike etc) but apparently usually the prizes are better! I think the children’s schools at home would give their right arm for any of those prizes (including A’s old Prep school!) Hopefully the next couple of weeks will yield more.

Wednesday, I decided to go shopping (mummy shopping, not food shopping!) So I hopped on the bus to the Mall of Dhahran (I was not going to chance getting lost in Al Rashid Mall again!), a friend was also on the bus so we had a quick cuppa while waiting for the shops to open, then split up to get what we needed, I did quite well. In Monsoon I got 2 pairs of linen trousers, a linen dress and a top (all in the sale) for about £45 (bargain!). I finally found M some navy socks in Zara for school, I got A a tracksuit for putting on after swimming training, and as it was bonus time at the Clinique counter; I got some clarifying lotion and moisturiser. I am so glad I did as my skin feels so much better than it did with a L’Oreal one I picked up at the supermarket. It was getting to the stage where I could only put it on once every few days, otherwise I would breakout in spots!

It still feels very weird shopping here, as most (I’d say 75%) of the shop assistants are male! You go in Karen Millen, Zara, Next, etc all male shop assistants! Plus there are no changing rooms either! The toilets in the mall have changing rooms, so you have to buy everything first, then either try it on in the mall or at home, then take it back if it doesn’t fit.

A had her first proper training session with the Lasers club on Wednesday after school; M swam in the diving pool and played at jumping off the diving boards. He wasn’t impressed when the chairman of the club told him he ‘was a very brave little girl, jumping off those diving boards.’

Maybe it’s time for a hair cut!!!!

Once we got back A quickly ate the spag bol I had prepared earlier (I am still attempting to be a domestic goddess!) and disappeared to football training for an hour. Once she got back I made her get ready for bed (which was a good job) while I got supper sorted, the poor thing was so shattered she kept falling asleep while she was eating! Needless to say they both flopped into bed that night!

So Thursday was the first day of the weekend, it was pretty cloudy and there were a few spots of rain here and there but no real down pour until the evening (it was waiting for G to cross the border from Bahrain into Saudi!) Thursday was mainly a baking, cooking and playing day.

Friday as usual was food shopping (early as usual) we tried another supermarket, it hasn’t been open long and a friend had told me it was good. It had some good and bad points, good, I finally found some Golden Syrup, whoop whoop. Bad points SR 30 (£6) for a cucumber! After taking the shopping home, kids played for a bit, then we went for a walk along the corniche (just for a change!) We thought we would try TGI Friday’s for lunch, all I can say is I doubt we will be going there again!

Well that it for this week, next week could be a pretty boring installment! The only exciting this is we could finally get our new car, but I’m not holding my breath!

But for now, Salaam!


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